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Sue Lovemore
Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine
M.  07835 967197

Sue graduated from the institute of optimum nutrition in 2000 with distinction, is a member of the British association of applied nutrition and nutritional therapy (BANT) and registered with the complementary and natural healthcare council and the institute for functional medicine. Sue aims to identify and remedy the common functional imbalances that underly many health issues. her areas of expertise include digestion, energy, weight management, allergy, immune and auto-immune conditions, fertility, sports nutrition – and optimal health through all stages of life.


A love of running first led sue to discover how nutrition can improve performance and aid recovery.  Her passion for nutrition has grown as she has studied it in greater depth and seen how powerful an instrument it is for health. over the years she has seen how important a part our emotions and beliefs play in our physical health and experience of wellbeing.  She considers all aspects of mind and body in order to devise a plan that fits each individual and their lifestyle. consultations incorporate: health symptoms and history analysis, dietary analysis, genetic risk factors analysis, NES provision body scan, a comprehensive health plan sent to you.


“I love my job. it is such a privilege to help people achieve their health goals. I know that nutritional therapy works. getting a good diet and the nutritional mix that suits individual needs can allow the body to repair, heal and maintain balance. I truly believe that everyone holds the potential within themselves to gain better health and that the way to achieving this lies through gaining a better understanding of ourselves and what we need”.

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