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Eoin O’Connell    |   Massage Therapist

   m. 07944 493172


Eoin is a Qualified BTEC LEVEL 6 Sports Injury Massage Therapist, specializing in Myofascial Release. Eoin grew up in Ireland playing Gaelic Football and experienced some siginifact soft tissue injuries. As a result of spending time on the physio table, he delvelopment a keen interest in the healing and rehab processes of muscular issues. He started his studies in Massage Therapy in 2010 here in London, and quickly realised that the keen interest was soon to become a passion for him. He has since gone on to complete a 3 year BTEC 6 Sports Injury qualification from Jing Insitute in Brighton, and has furthered his knowledge base by completing serveral specialised courses in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Positional Release therapy, amongst others. 


Eoins approach to treating the body is to treat it as a whole and not just the area that has the issue. He uses several techniques to pin-point how best to help the body, including a postural assessments and joint and muscle testing, to asses whether the issue is with the soft tissue or the joint.  Eoin believes in the mind body connection, which is central to his approach to therapy. He works with the individual rather than applying the same approach for every session, to ensure the benefits are long lasting. He blends techniques from his extensive training to provide a tailored and relaxing session, with proven results and testimonials. 


Eoins' training is based in Sports Injury, which means he has studied the biology of muscles, what happens in the body when there is an injury, and what is involved in the healing process. A muscle can be injured through exercise as easily as through repetitive motion or poor posture. The recovery process from injury, no matter how it occurs, can be helped through the techniques and approach Eoin takes.



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