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Guy Wardell
Medical Herbalist & Wellness Advisor
M.  07851 411088
guy waddell.png

Guy has been in practice since 2002. He holds diplomas in western herbal medicine and in naturopathic iridology.  He then studied for a degree in herbal medicine at the University of Westminster, where he was awarded a first-class degree and won several student awards. He also completed his PhD studies at the University of Westminster.


Guy is a clinic supervisor at the University of Westminster’s polyclinic and also teaches on the BSc and master’s degree courses.

Guy’s PhD research used biographic interviews in order to understand how herbalists' lives and western herbal medicine are related to living plants. His research has enabled him to spend time with many herbalists and he has seen that the closeness of herbalists to living plants and nature allows them to bring many influences into their practices


Similarly, Guy draws on an eclectic range of resources in order to select the most appropriate approach for any particular client. traditional knowledge and science are easy companions in his practice. Guy works with clients to find solutions to chronic and complex health conditions using an approach that is always as simple and personalized as possible.  He firmly believes that people, at some level, know the solutions to their problems. herbs, nutrition, lifestyle, relationships and talk have the potential to affect physiology, and it is this potential that he engages with when he works with clients to move them towards wellness.

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